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Are you noticing tooth pain, mobile teeth, tenderness/popping/clicking/limited movement in the jaw joint, earaches, headaches when you wake, flattened or fractured teeth? You may be one of the many people suffering from bruxism. Prevalent during sleep, you may not even know you are clenching and grinding your teeth. There are many possible contributors, including stress, […]

Do You Suffer From Dentophobia?

At Hannon & Sandler, we recognize that just walking through the door is often the biggest challenge for someone with dentophobia, or dental anxiety. Our team can help you to overcome your fears. The key comes with understanding that while fears are learned, in time they can also be unlearned! Putting off a visit to […]

Dental Sealants

What are sealants? Sealants are a preventative tool in your fight against cavities on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth (molars). Tooth decay frequently begins in these small pits and grooves, and can spread quickly through the tooth. Even the most thorough toothbrushing cannot reach their depths. In order to prevent decay from starting, […]


Did you know that Dr. Bob, Dr. Jerry and Dr. Marissa screen you for cancer at every dental visit? Oral cancers can be deadly diseases. Roughly 45,000 new cases of mouth and throat cancer are diagnosed every year in the United States. Treatment may be more successful when diagnosis is early, so this is one […]